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We enable professionals to create AI-generated avatars, capable of human-like interactivity and AI-powered analysis, integrated across work platforms.
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With any photo, voice, language, and personality in minutes.

100x your human team's power 
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LivingAI supercharges outbound sales by capturing 
attention and understanding customer needs.
Outreach with thousands of multilingual digital sales agents globally.
Track customer behavior and signals to precisely time your solution.
Deliver pitches tailored to each customer.
Harness insights to refine and perfect your sales strategy.


LivingAI revolutionizes marketing by capturing attention
and understanding customer desires on at scale.
Expand reach with thousands of multilingual digital marketers.
Achieve unmatched personalization in messaging.
Get real-time feedback if your messaging is effective.
Gain valuable insights based on unique advertising strategies.

Customer Service

LivingAI optimizes customer service by ensuring 
timely, location-specific support.
Multiply your support with thousands of multilingual digital agents.
Deliver personalized assistance tailored to each customer.
Optimize time use and handle multiple customer inquiries at once.
Adapt in real-time to evolving customer needs with insightful analysis.

SaaS Products

LivingAI streamlines product interfaces and enhances
in-app experiences.
Boost user experience with unlimited in-app, multilingual agents.
Engage users with conversational interfaces tailored for them.
Increase product-led growth success with human-like helpers.
Extract actionable insights to continuously refine the user journey.

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Engage and get to know your audience with cutting-edge tech

Fully customizable digital team

Personalize your digital presenter with any photo, voice, language and personality, in minutes.
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Human-like interactivity

Experience human-like interactions as your AI presenter answers in real-time with preset answers, enhancing engagement, user experience, and knowledge-sharing.
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AI-powered analysis

Our AI can analyze feedback, providing invaluable and actionable insights about your audience, unlocking unprecedented value.
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Here's why expert professionals 
like you choose LivingAI

Ben Milstein
VP Citi Private Bank
"Using my LivingAI digital ‘me’ in slides deepens client connections and presenting in their language boosts communication!"
Emmanuel Heymann
Cyabra - SVP Revenue
"I used LivingAI to enhance our communication, adding a human touch to complex topics like disinformation campaigns and bot networks."
Tal Cohen
CEO 4IR Solutions
"I use LivingAI to create dynamic presentations that replace meetings that I miss, and the feedback's been great!"
Eve Halimi
Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Alinea Invest
"I use LivingAI's digital presenters to elevate our investor deck and make it more engaging. They set us apart in redefining investing and turning presentations into captivating experiences."
Mark Anderson
Training Director, GlobalEdu Corp
"Using LivingAI in our training at GlobalEdu Corp has enhanced employee comprehension of complex topics. As Training Director, I'm impressed by the immersive learning it offers."
Marcela Plapler Jarovsky
Retention specialist, eToro
"I use LivingAI digital avatars in presentations to make data clearer and more engaging. Their real-time data captivates audiences, enhancing understanding. They're key for conveying complex info to stakeholders."
Denise Bar-Aharon
CEO Make-A-Wish Israel
"I use LivingAI digital presenters to expand our global donor reach, adding a personal touch and sophistication to campaigns, boosting empathy, and increasing donations."
Alex Wong
Project Manager, ConnectWorld
"At ConnectWorld, LivingAI has streamlined our global collaborations, enabling cross-language meetings and speeds up project timelines."
Daniel Lee
Sales Engineer, FutureTech Solutions
"At FutureTech Solutions, LivingAI has enhanced our demos, impressing clients and giving us a competitive edge in product showcases."
Rachel Foster
Executive Director, HeartReach Foundation
"Using LivingAI, we've enriched our storytelling, deepening donor connections, and boosted contributions to our cause."

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